Hot water circulator


A hot water circulator, whose primary component is a water pump, is a system that allows for the constant circulation of hot water in the Circulating hot water heat depends on a steady flow of circulating hot water. If the circulator pump is faulty then there will be little or no hot water circulating.

When it’s time to replace your circulator pump makes sure that you purchase the same make and model as the one that is not operating. Take the plate off the new pump to expose the wire connections. Feed the wires through the pump housing then connect the wires to the terminals. Then replace the pump cover so that the wires and connections are not exposed. Open both isolating valves or if the system had to be drained then refill it with water. Check for any water leakage and tighten the connections as necessary. Now is the time to open the pumps bleed valve to let any air that may have become trapped escape so a condition called air lock does not develop.

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